Visual Arts

Web Designing Is Web Visual Art

Creating a website is much the same like putting a jig-saw puzzle together.

What you see is what you get. No, we’re not talking really on the subject of WYSIWYG applications. It is the concept. Think about it?

First impression counts, right? Web Designing is visual art on the World Wide Web. You want to leave a lasting first impression on your visitors.

Visual Design of a website is one of the components that brings together the jig-saw of creating a website. The visual appeal and functionality (ease of use) play a major role with the success of the website. There are many ways to achieve both attractive visual appeal combined with user friendly functionality. The most important element is keeping in mind what is to be achieved through the website, then build and design the website around it. Clean layout, clear content, user friendly navigational links and even the use graphical effects, motion graphics effects if used cautiously – can all add to the overall visual design appeal and user friendly functionality of the website.

Creating a website is much the same like putting a jig-saw puzzle together. For most, they see a website, navigate through its links and that’s it. And naturally so – isn’t that why you need to have an online presence, to be seen?

What you and your visitors don’t see is the back-end of the website. The work done “behind the scene” is what enables the website to be rendered and displayed. This encompasses the web development side of the website.

Web Development is a term broadly used to describe the work put into constructing a website. Every aspect of a website – from planning, designing, optimizing etc all falls into the category of web development.